samson seeks delilah july 31

official “cut time” is 4:30. I’ll be in the neighborhood (and you’re welcome to drop by) anytime after about 3pm. the salon closes at 5pm, so after being sheared, i figured we’d find a local place in the area to drop in for dinner and hang out for a while.

ok, it’s official. 17th is out, 31st is in… thanks for your opinions

the 17th is getting a lot of complaints about conflicts through the back-channels, and i have a conflict on the 24th, so, if you’ve got some thoughts on the 17th versus the 31st, get in touch…

many of you that know me know that i’ve been putting off the “Grand Cut” since around the end of last year, with great global events (tsunamis, popes, wars, etc) and minor personal events conspiring to ruin the best laid plans and best intentions… now that the spring crunch is [mostly] over, it’s time to get this done.

for those that don’t know, i’m cutting off about 16 inches of hair.

i’m looking for people who will play with me on a sunday toward the middle of july (july 17 would be perfect), and i’m going to bring myself and hopefully a bunch of amazing dancing girls in full dance regalia into adams morgan (washington dc) to take off some hair for locks of love.

i have a salon in adams morgan willing to work with me, so we’re back on track… plans are afoot, as it were.

i’d like to turn this into a bit of a media event, so we can make it into some sort of fundraiser for the charity, have an all-day party… pretty much anything goes. for me, it’s a chance to lighten my load and spend the day with some great people for a good cause. i’ve got some silly ideas myself, but i want to give everyone some time to brainstorm.

so, tell me what you think. tell me if you’ll play along. tell me if the 17th is good for you, or if the 24th is better for some reason. tell me if you’ve got great ideas for this event, or if you’ve got some special skill that would help make this happen. tell me if you’ve got connections with local media (newspapers, radio, tv, websites).

creativity counts, and there are scissors involved, so it should be fun.

if you’d like to participate in some way, say so in the comments below and we’ll get something organized. thanks!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey there, Samson. So sorry I missed this. Gonna tell us about it?

    (I’m not effectively “back” yet but will be soon. Stay tuned.)

  2. Anonymous says:

    sadly, not much to tell… small turnout (it was a busy day in the dance universe…), but the final donation was one 16-inch braid (my previous), one 22-inch cut (this time), and another 14-inch braid in dark brown. got a drummer and an accordion, but no dancers…

    and demian’s was good to us… we kinda imposed a bit.

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