Maryland State Arts Council Individual Artist Awards

Sorry this is relatively short notice, but your deadline is July 28.

I know hundreds of dancers have videotapes of performances between July 28, 2002 and July 28, 2005, so if you think you’ve got a great SOLO PERFORMANCE and you’re in Maryland, it might be worth submitting it to the MSAC. Awards are up to $6000 (I know… that barely covers a costume…)

Ballet, Culturally Specific, Flamenco, Jazz, Modern, Tap, Traditional and other forms –
unaccompanied or with appropriate accompaniment
Four identical videotape or DVD copies of your solo performance(s) that took place after
July 28, 2002 must be submitted. Tapes or DVDs may not exceed 30 minutes in running time, and
only work performed by the applicant artist may appear on the tape or DVD.
Because the jury will be reviewing a large volume of material, on average, they will spend no more
than 10 minutes reviewing each work sample. Therefore, we suggest that you cue each sample to the
segment you most wish the jury to review. Each videotape or DVD must be labeled with the title of
the work(s) being performed and the year(s) they were recorded. The title and running time of each
work to be included on the videotape or DVD should be provided on the application form. The
applicant’s name should not appear on any of the tapes or DVDs, or within the recorded work.
Work samples submitted on DVD must be formatted to allow fast forwarding from one track to the

If you happen to be one of the dancers that I have worked with already, let me know what I can do to help (dvd cover photo or whatever…)

for complete application information,

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