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Standard Renaissance Festival Pay for Bellydance Shows?

I’ve been searching the web, unsuccessfully, to find out what the going rate is for paying a bellydance troupe to perform at a renaissance faire. I know there are a lot of factors that impact the pay, but is there someone who has any personal experience or knowledge in this area that would be willing to share this information? Perhaps, it is a taboo to discuss this? I have found web articles on what professional bellydancers should charge, but nothing that relates specifically to renaissance festivals.

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a few little bits of history to share

history is a strange thing in this united states of america. here’s some pieces of history… perhaps someday i’ll explain why i’ve stumbled into them…

Carmencita (1894)

Princess Ali (1895)

Crissie Sheridan (1897)

Amy Muller (1896)

Spanish dancers at the Pan-American Exposition (1901)

A nymph of the waves (1903)

Princess Rajah dance (1904 – remember, ladies. the men love strong teeth…)
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Resuscitate Baltimore Bellydance

Nerissa is good people. Don’t let Bellydance in Baltimore turn into the Music Business in Baltimore.

[Copying this from the email, sorry this took so long to get posted…]

Good Morning Fellow Dancers, It’s official, Baltimore Bellydance is closed (temporarily, we hope!!). We are deeply in the red and need support from the community to stay open!

Please visit to join at the subscriber, teacher or performer level…. We need all the support we can get so forward this to your friends…..

The website and operations will be closed until 9/1 – hopefully we’ll be back with a vengance then… I’m working on a super cool new website (it’s great!) with new pages for teachers, peformers, etc… BUT, if we don’t raise enough money to support the website and newsletter, BBD will close it’s doors…

We LOVE the ideas about shows, etc… but if we don’t raise some cash now — we won’t be around then!

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Rakkasah East 2005 Caravan

Now that everyone that’s performing should know… here’s the space to organize rides needed and seats available to and from Rakkasah East 2005 (October 14 through 16) rooms or couches to share and anything else that comes up. Post comments with anything you need or have available for people attending Rakkasah.

I’ll update this with specific performers and other information as I get it. In the meantime, the page is yours…
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raks sharki lingerie from brazil

i couldn’t find it on their web site, but the press release is getting picked up…

Femininity of Arab dancing inspires lingerie collection

Liz, a Brazilian producer of lingerie, developed a line of underwear and bras inspired on belly dancing. The products were released in May this year and can already be found in the Arab countries. “The dance is an icon of femininity,” stated Lígia Buonamici Costa, the company operations director and creator of the product.

Brazil : Belly dance inspires lingerie collection ‘Raks Sharki’

The company has an exclusive representative in Lebanon, and he has over 100 clients. The same representative is responsible for the sale of Brazilian lingerie in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Exports to Lebanon began in September 2003.

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exotic illinois

is it still exotic?

Exercise in the exotic

Cass Strong of Charleston dances under the name of Setarah and has been learning the art for 18 months.

“Empowering” is how she described the dance.

“It doesn’t matter what size or age you are. Most women aren’t Barbie dolls. It’s bonding with other women,” Strong said.

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exercise and dance on the wire

picked up broadly from internet broadcast systems, Women Learn To Dance Away The Pounds

Belly dancing is also fairly inexpensive. Tillinghast recommends you get a pair of harem pants and finger cymbals. But baring your belly is up to you.

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a great quote in new york

i’m a sucker for a good interpretation….

Too much agreement can be a bad thing

After a few minutes of adjusting their coin-covered hip scarves, they moved forward in unison to the sound of the entire city making change.

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in the middle of wisconsin…

If you can’t be Cleopatra…

The Sahaja dance style takes two forms: either choreographed and based on belly dancing movements or a spontaneous expression of creativity.

Sahaja is a word without an equivalent word in English.

“It’s easier to say what Sahaja is not, than to describe what it is,” explained Kenton. “Sahaja is not karma — it is the opposite of karma. Karma has to do with intentional action. Sahaja is intentionless action. It is pure motion.”

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tailfeathers in rhode island

a really full article, this one even comes with a vocabulary lesson…

Belly Dancing – an ancient art form

The scene transports you to another time and place. The music seems to chant an ancient prayer and the costumes, made of flowing silks and chiffon, elaborately decorated with beads and coins, speak of elegance and ornate beauty. The movements — of the hands, hips, arms — appear to be speaking their own language. You are suddenly in ancient Egypt, in a gypsy tribe, watching a sacred ritual take place before your eyes. Or are you?

nope…. you’re in rhode island :)

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