raks sharki lingerie from brazil

i couldn’t find it on their web site, but the press release is getting picked up…

Femininity of Arab dancing inspires lingerie collection

Liz, a Brazilian producer of lingerie, developed a line of underwear and bras inspired on belly dancing. The products were released in May this year and can already be found in the Arab countries. “The dance is an icon of femininity,” stated LĂ­gia Buonamici Costa, the company operations director and creator of the product.

Brazil : Belly dance inspires lingerie collection ‘Raks Sharki’

The company has an exclusive representative in Lebanon, and he has over 100 clients. The same representative is responsible for the sale of Brazilian lingerie in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Exports to Lebanon began in September 2003.

it begs the question… how do you feel about bellydance lingerie?

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