Resuscitate Baltimore Bellydance

Nerissa is good people. Don’t let Bellydance in Baltimore turn into the Music Business in Baltimore.

[Copying this from the email, sorry this took so long to get posted…]

Good Morning Fellow Dancers, It’s official, Baltimore Bellydance is closed (temporarily, we hope!!). We are deeply in the red and need support from the community to stay open!

Please visit to join at the subscriber, teacher or performer level…. We need all the support we can get so forward this to your friends…..

The website and operations will be closed until 9/1 – hopefully we’ll be back with a vengance then… I’m working on a super cool new website (it’s great!) with new pages for teachers, peformers, etc… BUT, if we don’t raise enough money to support the website and newsletter, BBD will close it’s doors…

We LOVE the ideas about shows, etc… but if we don’t raise some cash now — we won’t be around then!

Please contact us with questions…. We are so excited to keep this service alive for the community!

Nerissa & Lisa Zahiya

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