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anaheim crackdown

Anaheim cracks down on rowdy hookah cafes

Officials in the Southern California city that is home to Disneyland voted on Tuesday night to impose strict new rules on the operation of hookah cafes which they say cater to a rowdy clientele.

The ordinance barring alcohol, disc jockeys and live entertainment such as belly dancing, and calling for equipment to filter smoke is expected to win final approval on November 8 and would apply to Anaheim’s 11 smoking lounges.

since i’m posting on halloween, i’ll go ahead and posit that this is a huge opening for dead entertainment and a great opportunity for the goth/zombie bellydance contingent…

no word on shutting down live entertainment in disneyland… Continue reading

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new world records – now 134

with the bar set in johannesburg (albeit unofficially as far as the guinness book) at 90, scotland steps up and raises the bar to 134: Belly dancers create world record [bbc, 2005.10.30]

Belly dancers in Scotland have shaken their way to a new world record.

A group of 134 dancers from across the world converged on Nairn where their five-minute routine gave them an entry in the Guinness Book of Records.

The event was the brainchild of local councillor and keen belly dancer Liz MacDonald, 43, who sent DVDs of the routine to a variety of groups.

She said: “It was fantastic. We were all in our sparkly belly dancing costumes so it was really colourful.”

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bellydancing librarians makes meta

it’s short, but the comments are interesting…

And you thought librarians were stuffy Continue reading

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Bellylicious in Cape Town

in cape town, south africa, a more-formal presentation – A feast of navel encounters

Opening tonight at the Obz Cafe Theatre is Bellylicious, a dynamic exposition of the various styles of the sensual Middle Eastern dance, as performed by the belly-dancing schools in Cape Town.

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building a school with dance

in australia, dancing with purpose…

Belly dancing helps build pre-school

MORUYA Pre-school has found an innovative way to raise funds to enclose the back verandah of the Campbell Street building and create a new and very functional additional space for the school.

When the pre-school’s fund-raising committee decided to take on the challenge and raise $7000 for the project, Amber Paisley Top volunteered her skills as a belly dancer to run classes for the rest of the year.

Forty-four women and girls, aged between 12 and 70 years, signed up to take a 10-week course during term three, choosing either a beginners’ or intermediate level class. That way $3000 was raised.

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the marines are at it too…

originally from the dallas morning news, but carried in the fort wayne news-sentinel online, Ex-Marine teaches male belly dancers

Dr. [Anthony] Shay [dance historian at Pomona College in California] says the West’s “pink and blue syndrome” when it comes to dance moves isn’t shared by other regions of the world, pointing to the similarities in female and male movements in salsa and Polynesian dancing.

“The idea that these movements are only appropriate to women’s bodies is wrong,” he says. “We think when a male articulates his torso he is somehow being effeminate, but that is really a culturally specific notion held by Anglo-Americans.”

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size does matter

a broadly-scoped article discussing dancers that aren’t waifish, from the boston globe… They make their move, and it’s big

big dance (modern)
big moves – Phat Fly Girls (hip hop) / Mass Movement (modern)
Danza Voluminosa (ballet)
The Fatimas (bellydance)

Cuba’s Danza Voluminosa is also covered by ap Obese Dancers Break Stereotypes in Cuba Continue reading

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bellydancing at robbins afb

not just dance classes on an air force base… Belly dancing class offers fun, social outlet

… but there’s a guy in the mix:

Shayne Dempsey, attending with his wife Allison, was the only man in the group. He had previously taken belly dancing classes while living in another state.

“I like it. It’s fun,” said Dempsey. “It teaches you to use muscles you didn’t know you had. It doesn’t matter what age you are. Anybody can learn to do it.”

and appreciated:

An untrained eye could become hypnotized by the music and body thrusts, but the dance in its basic form is both beautiful and breathtaking.

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cerebral palsy and dancing do mix

a very personal, inspirational story, from the arizona republic – Belly dancer shakes cerebral palsy limits

Neena Nour was diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy when she was 6. Doctors said she would be unable to dance, roller skate or balance.

Her determination proved them wrong.

Nour, 20, whose real name is Christina Pope, dances in the classical Middle Eastern belly dance tradition, known as raks sharki, and has been practicing her profession for four years.

On Friday, the Mesa resident and several other dancers will perform at Mesa Women’s Club in a benefit for United Cerebral Palsy of Central Arizona.

“My mission in life is to inspire others,” said Nour, who had to overcome her difficulties and develop alternate paths through various therapies.

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bellydance fitness in asheville

from the citizen times, asheville, nc – Get in shape by doing the belly dance

The work of groups like Asheville’s Baraka Mundi belly dance troupe is helping to bring the ancient dance form into the mainstream.

mostly about suhaila’s workshop… Continue reading

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