a brief rant on taking each other seriously

one of the reasons i enjoy working with dancers is that they are generally (!) genuinely good people. but in every population, there’s a “dark side” and in every population there’s the occasional oversight or mistake or “flash of stupidity.” i’ve certainly done my share of stupid things, but i try to “do right” by the dancers, particularly with the photography stuff, and i think i usually live up to that.

but there are exceptions. of course.

and so, since i have a soapbox to stand on, and since i had such interesting back-channel feedback from my essay-length rant on tribaldc.tribe.net (in here), i guess i’m on a bit of a roll with ranting. in this case, i thought i’d retreat to my personal corner of the web.

duplicity is not ok.

it’s not ok to ask me to do photos, and ask for a really fast (as in overnight) turnaround, with lots of heavy editing, and then just assume it was a “favor.” i do favors – probably too often. but if you wouldn’t drop everything you had planned tonight to come dance for me right now, as a favor, you shouldn’t expect me to drop everything i had planned to make you look good out of the generosity of my heart. it’s not that i wouldn’t – in fact, i have – but it’s the assumption that’s duplicitous.

it’s not ok to crop out credits in photos that i’ve donated and then turn around and tell me that i can’t make them available to the performers in print formats, at cost. it’s especially not ok when your position on the matter is that i shouldn’t be making a profit, when i’m not, and when other people who are and were involved in the event did and do. if you’ve got other commercial interests offering discounts for the event, i shouldn’t get any trouble for doing anything “at cost.” either everyone donates everything, or everyone has a chance to donate something (a discounted price, their time, whatever).

it’s not ok to alter, crop, adjust, modify, or otherwise display things i’ve worked on without asking. i make every effort to locate and ask the person(s) featured in a photo before i do anything beyond “event-related” and portfolio stuff. i’m easy to find. i have a little notice on every screen of the photo site that says ” please do not use without permission. ask me. i’m nice.” i’m more than happy to work with you; but i do ask that you work with me – at least a little.

it’s not ok to grab pictures from the “proofs” pages and use them elsewhere. they’re watermarked for several reasons – and one of them is so i know you didn’t ask when you used something from those sets. if you’d asked, i would have provided a clean perfectly displayable photo for you to use – sometimes (perhaps too many sometimes) even for free.

play nice. please. that is all.

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