Redwood coast bellydance festival

a more in-depth article, and definitely worth a few minutes, from great north of california, under the shade of the redwoods, the redwood coast bellydance festival, as covered by the times standard, Raks Sharqi: Dance of the East flourishes in the West

Belly dancing has enjoyed rising popularity in the past several years, both as an art form and a means of self-expression. Classes are flourishing for a variety of reasons. β€œIn the many classes I teach,” said Shoshanna, β€œI find that most of my new students have never danced before. Many are looking for a good workout, to try something new, to get in touch with their feminine side and dress up.”

The nature of Middle Eastern dance is expressive and sensual, and it can be celebrated as such by both men and women. This dance form also has the effect of bringing people together with a sense of community.

to riff on recent comments, i’d like to echo the phrase, “both as an art form and as a means of self-expression.”

yes, we missed it. it was october 1 and 2.

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