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this is the belly dance community?

yahoo seems to think so….

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origins of belly dance at the bbc

Bellydance Origins:

Trust me, a Belly Dancer will happily dress just as skimpy and flashy – and will dance with just as many wiggles and undulations – for an all-female audience, as they will for an audience that includes men. In fact, most of the dancers I know would rather dance for the all-female audience any day.

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belly dance meets reality tv?

from the contra costa times (jan 27, 2006):

More recently, she saw a belly dance show performed by Suhaila Salimpour, a Kensington resident with a dance studio on San Pablo Avenue in El Cerrito. She e-mailed Salimpour (who professionally uses her first name only) and the two became friends. Somewhere along the way, an idea for a reality show was hatched. They spent this week at the studio filming material for a television pilot.

“I spend a lot of time working on reality shows,” said Lorene Machado, a television and movie producer who works closely with Cho. Machado said her reality credits include “Bridezilla” and the “World’s Wildest Police Videos.”

“This clicked immediately,” she said. “It has so much potential. You can’t keep it in the box. It’s kicking at the box to get out.”

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Asharah in the post

a quick tip-o-the-site to our own Asharah, with her appearance in the washington post this week:

On a recent Thursday night, a 25-year-old belly dancer known as Asharah, who learned her first moves as a Princeton University student, winds her way up and down the narrow aisle between tables, snaking her arms through the air and eliciting catcalls with her Turkish drop, which takes her from a 90-degree backbend to the floor.

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bindi chips

it’s not entirely dance, but it’s a cultural-technological crossover that piques the curiosity… from China Daily ( ):

An Indian model wears a Analog integrated circuit (IC) with intelligent charging capabillities for Lithium-ion batteries pasted on a bindi during a launch ceremony in Bangalore.

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samira encircled

just a brief note to share a pretty significant milestone in my work with a very special dancer…

my work has just recently been promoted to the “front and center” position at samira shuruk’s website.

after many, many months, I finally captured her in her veils and she seems to like the results.

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The future of the Dance Web

With the end of 2005, I’ve had a chance to spend some time looking at how this site is used, and, sadly, my general impression is validated with that data… Warning: After the past few months, I’m pretty down on the whole belly dancing thing, and that’s going to come through in this message. My apologies in advance. Let me cut right to the chase:

Over 400 people are registered and have access to post material here on this site – but no one is.

There are a few visitors that consistently visit and consistently post their information, and I am thankful for their participation. That said, any concept of a “community” I had hoped would evolve with this space has failed to materialize. Now, I have to focus on this site and its future.

The last “forum post” of any kind was almost two months ago. The last comment posted here was more than 10 weeks ago. While I can provide what appears to be excellent coverage with search engines for material you put here, it’s almost entirely material *I* put here. I don’t need another space to spew my own thoughts (I’ve already got one of those and no time to write there). On the positive side, even this dark little corner of the web has attracted over 45,000 visits just through search engines from people around the world looking for dance-related content (and, surprisingly, a large number from France, Germany, Australia and Malaysia). Those people should be finding your material, but so far, your material isn’t here to be found.
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