belly dance meets reality tv?

from the contra costa times (jan 27, 2006):

More recently, she saw a belly dance show performed by Suhaila Salimpour, a Kensington resident with a dance studio on San Pablo Avenue in El Cerrito. She e-mailed Salimpour (who professionally uses her first name only) and the two became friends. Somewhere along the way, an idea for a reality show was hatched. They spent this week at the studio filming material for a television pilot.

“I spend a lot of time working on reality shows,” said Lorene Machado, a television and movie producer who works closely with Cho. Machado said her reality credits include “Bridezilla” and the “World’s Wildest Police Videos.”

“This clicked immediately,” she said. “It has so much potential. You can’t keep it in the box. It’s kicking at the box to get out.”

could it be the end? or a new beginning?

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