major transition

if you can read this, you probably noticed there’s a major transition underway here at the dance web…

as part of my overall short-term need to simplify and consolidate a number of things, i’ve concluded that drupal, while a great platform to work with (on some levels, anyway…) is entirely too much to manage for the way the dance web gets used around here. so, we’re back to a basic blog format. so, this is much, much simpler (on me, anyway).

there were several other people that did actively participate in the dance web, and i don’t want to make this an exclusive “roj-only” space. so, if you’d like to contribute your thoughts and writing here (and i know and trust you… :) ), just send me a message and i’ll get you set up. really, you’re very much invited.

in the meantime, the calendar will vanish temporarily (hopefully back soon, better than ever), and we’re losing the aggregator, polls and a few other features.

finally, i’m going to pick a generic wordpress theme for now, but i also want to invite any theme-builders to strut there stuff here. i just know i won’t get around to it anytime soon, so if you’ve got a great idea for a great look for the dance web, lay it on me…

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