new calendar – google-based

after doing some tests overnight, the new google-based calendar is now available.

this allows some great features, including good support for recurring events, but the trick is that you will need an account with google (gmail will do) in order to publish your events. once you have one, you need to get in touch with me so i can give you permission to add things to the community calendar. after that, just invite the “dance blog” to any event you add to your own calendar and those events should automagically show up here.

another advantage to this approach is that you can use your own google-calendar on your own site, and you get to decide which events are published there (and here).

so, jump in, the water’s fine…

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2 Responses to new calendar – google-based

  1. Latifa says:

    I’m jumping in and the water is great! What’s next, Roj?

  2. hi there how can i log in for posting my class/eventes

    thank yuo shifra

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