Early retirement?

the rumors will circulate quickly, i’m sure… so let me get a few things out before they do.

my camera gear (and cell phone) was stolen this weekend, so i’m effectively out of the photography business (at least as far as new photographs) for the near future. i’ll be spending some time with stuff i’ve already shot, but obviously, i won’t be doing any new work until the gear is replaced – and that could be a while.

on the upside, since i won’t be spending time “out in the field,” this is a good time to let me know if you want some work done on material i’ve already shot. on the other hand, my inbox is completely overwhelmed right now, and i can’t even tell how far the backlog goes at the moment, so please bear with me…

i don’t mean to be down, but 2007 is very un-fun so far, so i need to think about what’s gone on, and where i should go from here.

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3 Responses to Early retirement?

  1. Nina Amaya says:

    I am so sorry!
    I predict a turn up from here, a fantastic rest of 2007 with beautiful picures flowing through new equipment….

    You are such a dear. Things will get better. It feels like angry shit when people take things from you.

    The taking is even worse than the loss, because they are just things. This too shall pass. May the good times come quickly on the heels of this hell.

  2. roj says:

    Thanks for your thoughts…

  3. Jacqui says:

    I second the “may the good times come quickly.” Thanks for everything! Good book too!

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