New camera on the way; Thanks

Just a quick note to let those concerned know that there is a replacement camera on the way, and I’ll be jumping on that learning curve as fast as I can around the rest of life.

I do want to take a few moments to acknowledge some important people…

Thanks to Karima, Amustela, Bijou, Antonia, Aliya, Yucy, Masani, Latifa, Belladonna, Laura, Beth, Melissa, Shadiyah, Dianna, Amanda, Bonnie, the performers and audience at the Five Seasons a few months ago, when I wasn’t there… and all the people that called and offered any sort of support this year. Thanks. A lot. I mean that.

I’m still very, very behind on email; so if you haven’t heard from me, and there’s something important or time-critical, please do send it again.

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