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four superheroes

i’ve been sitting on this far, far too long, because i had plans. as with most plans, things change. so, because this is important on its own, i present, ak comics. four superheroes create a new vision for the middle … Continue reading

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matt dances around the world, 2006

matt‘s been dancing, again.

you can see some of that here:

(or, in various other places his clips have appeared). Continue reading

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ballet mori: dance with the earth

“In this improvisational performance, SF Ballet Principal Dancer Muriel Maffre responded to a musical composition modulated live by the unpredictable fluctuations of the Earth’s movement as measured in real time by a UC Berkeley seismometer at the Hayward Fault.”

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pretty big dig

unfortunately, apparently only available in realmedia, so that’s a limit, but if it’s not a limit for you, and you feel like seeing some big dancers do their thing….

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bindi chips

it’s not entirely dance, but it’s a cultural-technological crossover that piques the curiosity… from China Daily ( ):

An Indian model wears a Analog integrated circuit (IC) with intelligent charging capabillities for Lithium-ion batteries pasted on a bindi during a launch ceremony in Bangalore.

(pictures in the link) Continue reading

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samira encircled

just a brief note to share a pretty significant milestone in my work with a very special dancer…

my work has just recently been promoted to the “front and center” position at samira shuruk’s website.

after many, many months, I finally captured her in her veils and she seems to like the results.

thanks samira Continue reading

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photography site updated

just a quick note – a few updates over on the photography site ( ), including some new photos, re-arranging the galleries a bit (now with more categories!), and inclusion of some new links (still many to add) with thumbnails and the color-widget… Continue reading

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new world records – now 134

with the bar set in johannesburg (albeit unofficially as far as the guinness book) at 90, scotland steps up and raises the bar to 134: Belly dancers create world record [bbc, 2005.10.30]

Belly dancers in Scotland have shaken their way to a new world record.

A group of 134 dancers from across the world converged on Nairn where their five-minute routine gave them an entry in the Guinness Book of Records.

The event was the brainchild of local councillor and keen belly dancer Liz MacDonald, 43, who sent DVDs of the routine to a variety of groups.

She said: “It was fantastic. We were all in our sparkly belly dancing costumes so it was really colourful.”

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rania vs. million dollar baby

i won’t spoil the ending, either…

DVD Dribble

… but Dominick says he won’t be dancing, either. Continue reading

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new media, new dance

a brief mention for the solid gold elite dancers of this spartan life, now available here.

the quick version – a talk-show format created using the halo engine.

the quick analysis: your dancing gigs are not terribly threatened. yet. Continue reading

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