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Regarding Yasmin’s Music Copyright Law Piece in the Gilded Serpent.

I don’t have time to do Yasmin’s article justice; there’s just so much that the best I can hope for is to find someone else to pick up the baton where I leave it. What follows is a brain-dump with … Continue reading

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Basic Production for Belly Dance now for sale!

You can purchase your copy here and visit the website for more information.

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Basic Production for Belly Dance site launches today

… for your browsing enjoyment (not much to see yet…), here

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scaling the bellysphere

one thing i’ve talked about with dancers, innumerable times, is the scale of the BellySphere. somehow, it just doesn’t quite click for some people, so today i’m going graphic to represent this perspective (and hopefully, you’ll see this graphic elsewhere in the near future). for now, i had to do this for my own purposes, and so i’m going to share it with you here.

this quick analysis is based on the following assumptions, which, i think, are quite generous (you may disagree):
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BDSS resident company

looks like the bellydance superstars have landed themselves a resident gig at the monte carlo resort (see “monte carlo resort” then “nightlife” then “le cabaret”).

the site claims:

Sixteen gorgeous dancers will perform to tribal, techno, rock and oriental rhythms reminiscent of the poetic and bewitching world of the Arabian Nights.

Open from Wednesday to Saturday. Bar/Restaurant open from 8:30 pm, with the show beginning at 10:30 pm.

sixteen is an expanded company (i think the superstars have been touring with twelve), and the show opened last week (september 14).

haven’t seen any reviews yet…

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raks sharki lingerie from brazil

i couldn’t find it on their web site, but the press release is getting picked up…

Femininity of Arab dancing inspires lingerie collection

Liz, a Brazilian producer of lingerie, developed a line of underwear and bras inspired on belly dancing. The products were released in May this year and can already be found in the Arab countries. “The dance is an icon of femininity,” stated Lígia Buonamici Costa, the company operations director and creator of the product.

Brazil : Belly dance inspires lingerie collection ‘Raks Sharki’

The company has an exclusive representative in Lebanon, and he has over 100 clients. The same representative is responsible for the sale of Brazilian lingerie in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Exports to Lebanon began in September 2003.

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Maryland State Arts Council Individual Artist Awards

Sorry this is relatively short notice, but your deadline is July 28.

I know hundreds of dancers have videotapes of performances between July 28, 2002 and July 28, 2005, so if you think you’ve got a great SOLO PERFORMANCE and you’re in Maryland, it might be worth submitting it to the MSAC. Awards are up to $6000 (I know… that barely covers a costume…)

Ballet, Culturally Specific, Flamenco, Jazz, Modern, Tap, Traditional and other forms –
unaccompanied or with appropriate accompaniment
Four identical videotape or DVD copies of your solo performance(s) that took place after
July 28, 2002 must be submitted. Tapes or DVDs may not exceed 30 minutes in running time, and
only work performed by the applicant artist may appear on the tape or DVD.
Because the jury will be reviewing a large volume of material, on average, they will spend no more
than 10 minutes reviewing each work sample. Therefore, we suggest that you cue each sample to the
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American Dance Slam Alert

from the better business bureau, American Dance Slam (ADS) Event in Atlanta, GA a Sham.

The organizer behind ADS is Todd Fischer who, operating under the name American Dance Force, has already been known for booking dance events that never occurred and then failing to make restitution to those who had paid to attend. Where his previous forays were relatively small it’s possible that the impact from ADS could be substantial.

The Indiana Attorney General’s Office would appreciate knowing Mr. Fischer’s whereabouts. If you or anyone you know has been a victim of this scam, please contact the Indiana AG’s office by calling: (317) 232-6201 or going to:

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what miles is doing this fall

in case you were interested in the opportunities that may have played into the delay of the us tour for the bellydance superstars… here’s a clue.

from the daily star (may 23, 2005): What a message. What a tribute

His present project is intriguing. Copeland will take a handful of Arab performers to New Mexico and film them while they perform for a U.S. audience. Sometimes they’ll be paired with American performers. “My brother [former Police drummer Stewart Copeland] is gonna get me musicians – Carlos Santana hopefully. The lead singer from Incubus is really interested in doing something.”

The camera will follow some through their American adventure. He will start filming sometime between November 2005 and January 2006. As the Corporation for Public Broadcasting is funding the two-hour documentary, it will broadcast on the U.S. public broadcasting network, PBS. Copeland then wants to distribute the film in the Middle East.

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Miles Copeland in the news

it’s a pretty big deal when bellydance makes the “real media,” so here are a few clips from the bigger universe…

an article on miles copeland and the birth of the superstars, from the free new mexican: Post-punk entrepreneur Miles Copeland’s bellydance diplomacy

from the pop music critic of the cleveland plain dealer: Success story goes on for Miles

interview in the free times (ohio): Soundcheck : Miles Copeland : Manager and Label Owner Continue reading

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