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Local Dance Associations

Something that came up (indirectly) in a conversation with one of the most generous dancers I know – the value of local dance associations. Within the geographic region that this site focuses on – generally the mid-Atlantic – we have WAMEDA, Baltimore Bellydance, Bellydance New York, Philly Raqs and NC Bellydance.

I’m interested in exploring is what these groups do (or don’t do) for you as dancers. Continue reading

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controlling your image, the perils of performance

having run into this discussion twice in the past few weeks, i guess that’s enough motivation to get me writing about it.

I also wanted to discuss distribution rights of our pictures. We did not sign a photo release and although I am pleasantly pleased that we have pictures to purchase I do not want our pictures distributed to others or used by yourself without written permission or agreed upon understanding. I have lots and lots of pictures of myself and the dance company and I usually work with photographers that enable us to purchase our negatives from them……….ever since my first photo shoot that has been my policy. Sooooooo since we do not have such an arrangement I want to ensure that I fully understand what will happen to our photos in the future.
I look forward to working with you.

Well, this has been an interesting conversation. I thought about the paparazzi but also knew that celebrities are in a slightly different category than regular people. I also consider amateur photographers different from professional or semi-professional. I’ve seen some of the pictures the joe next door takes. They couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn! The pictures are usually VERY bad and they is not an issue of bad things happening because they took them for private memories sake only. It’s the pro & semi-pro people I pay attention to.
Continue reading

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bellydance and playboy – the debate is on

we saw this light up today, mostly through the indigo feed….

the word is that kaeshi of bellyqueen was approached by playboy for an upcoming “girls of bellydance” issue (well, it’s more than a word, i saw the newsletter too…). this, of course, brings up a whole raft of issues that come with modern american culture – is it exploitation? inappropriate? acknowledgement and acceptance? good clean fun? good dirty fun? access to mainstream media? perpetuating inappropriate sterotypes? good for business? bad for business? good for art? bad for art?

or, is it all just a scam? Continue reading

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the new sahara dance studio

there were rumors of this pulsing through my little grapevine for a while now, even as i’ve been sort-of disconnected and out of the loop, but today i got email from the source, so i guess it’s official and i can say something about it…

rachel kay brookmire and the people at sahara dance have been… well, busy, i guess is an understatement. anyway, there’s a new studio in town, and it’s a big deal.

We have very exciting news to share this month: On May 15th Sahara Dance will be opening DC’s only center dedicated to Middle Eastern dance! The center is located in Tenleytown, 2 blocks north of the Tenleytown metro and visible from Wisconsin Avenue. We will offer a full schedule of raqs sharqi, folkloric, tribal classes and drum lessons.

may is a big month for rachel, so congratulations and best wishes for the new studio… Continue reading

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WAMEDA goes for non-profit status

wameda, the washington area mid east dance association has begun to pursue non-profit status. the most recent edition (sep/oct 2003, v24, n5) of the newsletter includes a piece by the president (jaka), requesting that the membership review and vote on changes to the bylaws of this 20-year-old organization.

this is a big step for a great group of people, so i wanted to offer some encouragement. as someone who’s been through the gauntlet of forming a non-profit, i can only empathize with the path ahead for the officers of wameda.

i encourage anyone in the washington dc area (and even some of you further afield), with any interest in the dance form to join wameda if you haven’t already. join soon, and attend the wameda halfla coming up in october.

of course, if you’d like to discuss the bylaw changes, the implications of non-profit status, or anything else about the organization, that is what we’re here for… please comment. Continue reading

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