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photographs and movement

it’s a bit of a specialty of mine, i guess…. so i direct your attention to some discussion of the subject over on livejournal. Continue reading

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Copeland playing fast with the media

I don’t often make public statements about specific players in this business of dance, but this time I felt compelled to put it on the record. Before I do, let me say that I don’t have any problem with the Bellydance Superstars or their approach to business or dance. What I have a problem with is something a bit more subtle.

Circulated to their promotional email list and also found on this page [if you jump over the registration hurdles] you will find the following set of quotes from the media, posted by Stipko, “website admin” for the Bellydance Superstars:

* “The most important dance troupe in the world.” – Sunday Times / London

* “Gorgeous, spiffily dressed, skilled dancers…sheer genius.” – Village Voice – New York – 3/12/04

* “Bellydancing is the next riverdance.” – Daily Telegraph / London
Continue reading

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congratulations nazie and dance from the heart

just a quick note to congratulate nazie and the dancers for their hot Hot HOT performances for dance from the heart…

thanks for dancing…
chiaki, ebony and elyssa of sahara dance
the desert doves (janice, mary, sunny, robyn, kaliah, ramaya, johara.zorayah, nazie, asana, mima)

thanks for hosting, leila

and honorable mentions for nimeera. who apparently had to drop out with the chaos of the evening… Continue reading

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defending dance

from an opinionated individual down on the flipside of the planet, we find In defence of belly dancing

which is really more of a commentary on policy and perception than on dance, but it’s important. Continue reading

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Share your opinions

just a quick request to the performers visiting (and others, but i’m particularly interested in performers right now)….

please drop by the forums and share some thoughts on the local dance venues.

obviously, the emphasis is pretty heavily on restaurants – a while ago i dropped a bunch of places in there to get started, but if you’re a registered user, you can add the ones I’ve missed.

looking forward to your thoughts….

update (2005.03.17): thanks samira! Continue reading

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Congratulations Samira and Dance from the Heart

just a nod from me for a great show and a good cause… it seems the dance from the heart show in dc was an all-around success. Continue reading

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Thank you, dancers – Jan 30th Photoshoot

just a quick word of thanks to all the dancers (and their friends) that participated in the photoshoot this past weekend…

special thanks to Sahara Dance for supporting this little experiment.

(since these dancers dance as a set, i thought i’d put them together as a set…)

i also want to publicly thank blaze for excellent technical support through the day. Continue reading

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welcome dc tribal

welcome to the world, dc tribal….

congratulations on the first hafla, hopefully of many. Continue reading

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provocative commentary on the superstars

from monique monet via the guilded serpent, a no-tongue-bitten up-front commentary on the bellydance superstars and their role in this middle eastern dance culture.

update: more here from livejournal, with a sort of survey on the superstars. Continue reading

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Najwah and Sahara Dance featured in Dancer

today i offer a quick congratulations to Sahara Dance for their appearance in Dancer, December 2004… but only as an excuse to recognize a more important contribution to this planet.

go check out the magazine and read a little about what packs of motivated (and bespangled) dancers do for the world.

najwah and sahara dance have given of their enthusiasm and art to benefit aid afghanistan, school of hope and women and children of afghanistan and tahirih justice center.

and, of course, congratulations to me for the [unfortunately uncredited] photo… :) Continue reading

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