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Thanks to Shadiyah

… a little late coming (and not just because thanks gets people in trouble….), but I wanted to recognize Shadiyah‘s efforts to populate the dance calendar. She’s put a lot of time into making that a useful and up-to-date feature … Continue reading

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Specific calendar instructions

a step-by-step walkthrough on how to add material to the community dance calendar hosted on this site: 1) If you don’t already have one, get an account with Google. 1a) Go to 1b) Click on “sign in” 1c) Click … Continue reading

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new calendar – google-based

after doing some tests overnight, the new google-based calendar is now available. this allows some great features, including good support for recurring events, but the trick is that you will need an account with google (gmail will do) in order … Continue reading

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major transition

if you can read this, you probably noticed there’s a major transition underway here at the dance web… as part of my overall short-term need to simplify and consolidate a number of things, i’ve concluded that drupal, while a great … Continue reading

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In the Dancer’s Studio launches today

Stop by and say hi… Continue reading

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this is the belly dance community?

yahoo seems to think so….

ask yahoo yourself Continue reading

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The future of the Dance Web

With the end of 2005, I’ve had a chance to spend some time looking at how this site is used, and, sadly, my general impression is validated with that data… Warning: After the past few months, I’m pretty down on the whole belly dancing thing, and that’s going to come through in this message. My apologies in advance. Let me cut right to the chase:

Over 400 people are registered and have access to post material here on this site – but no one is.

There are a few visitors that consistently visit and consistently post their information, and I am thankful for their participation. That said, any concept of a “community” I had hoped would evolve with this space has failed to materialize. Now, I have to focus on this site and its future.

The last “forum post” of any kind was almost two months ago. The last comment posted here was more than 10 weeks ago. While I can provide what appears to be excellent coverage with search engines for material you put here, it’s almost entirely material *I* put here. I don’t need another space to spew my own thoughts (I’ve already got one of those and no time to write there). On the positive side, even this dark little corner of the web has attracted over 45,000 visits just through search engines from people around the world looking for dance-related content (and, surprisingly, a large number from France, Germany, Australia and Malaysia). Those people should be finding your material, but so far, your material isn’t here to be found.
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use of this site

so, it’s time to consider how this site is used, and how best to direct its future… so i have a few questions, and i hope some of you will forward your thoughts, either in public comments or via some backshannel….

1) is anyone still using the aggregator? i haven’t seen any requests for new feeds lately…

2) i’ve got a forum on here set up to review various things, but very little in the way of reviews – anyone care?

3) one of the main reasons this site exists is the calendar – what can i do to make it more useful and used?

thanks Continue reading

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Yet again… new calendar

Drop by the new calendar and let me know what you think…

…and don’t forget to get your upcoming events in here!

As part of this transition, you’ll notice that the “past events” are gone – there weren’t any comments attached, and while I generally don’t like breaking things that people may have linked to, I figured better to go ahead and do that now while the site is relatively small. Continue reading

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New features

Just a few things, quickly…..

You’ll find a new “feedback” link on the left. That will let you get in touch with me just by filling out a form.

The set of “links” is now optional – you can turn that off by visiting “my account” from the main menu.

I’ve also added a little item to allow you to change the font size on the site, if you find it difficult to read, just click on the bigger “A.” That item is also optional, if you’d like to clean up the screen just a little.

And while you’re on the “my account” page, you may notice that several fields are now “public” – you can opt to share your general location (state/country) and contact information (aim/icq/yahoo/etc), as well as a bio and “interests.” I’ve also added a space for the bellydancer color link-code to the “professional information” profile. All of this stuff is completely optional, but in the interest of community you can share if you’d like to.
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