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scaling the bellysphere

one thing i’ve talked about with dancers, innumerable times, is the scale of the BellySphere. somehow, it just doesn’t quite click for some people, so today i’m going graphic to represent this perspective (and hopefully, you’ll see this graphic elsewhere in the near future). for now, i had to do this for my own purposes, and so i’m going to share it with you here.

this quick analysis is based on the following assumptions, which, i think, are quite generous (you may disagree):
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putting oojami on tour

i don’t have much time to devote to this (i wasted all of my ‘free time’ for the month yesterday eating cake and ice cream), but it is something that came to my attention this week and i wanted to say something… so, since i have a short break now, here’s something.

oojami came through the area recently, near the start of their east coast tour. six musicians off on the road, bringing their stuff (which you may know from the first bellydance superstars disc or elsewhere)… and while they were here, i learned that their next stop was… canada. i don’t have anything against canada (and even tried to push a few people into the show), but that struck me as a pretty odd place to go from this area. it’s 500-ish miles, with two big cities in between (pittsburgh and philadelphia) and several others (in no particular order and off the top of my head – frederick, md; hagerstown, md; york, pa; harrisburg, pa; morgantown, wv; cleveland, oh; erie, pa; syracuse, ny; buffalo, ny; rochester, ny). so i decided to check out the rest of their tour, and it looks like this:
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Pies and the Economics of Bellydance

i’ve been talking about typing about this for what seems like months now, so with my schedule completely out-of-whack, it’s time to spend a little time on a subject that i’ve seen “from the outside” as i travel from event to event. hopefully, i can get away with this (without hurting any feelings or stepping on any dancing toes) – i’m looking in from the outside, and this is just a perspective.

it’s about the economics. it’s about the community. and it’s about you dancers.

i think this should be talked about, and i’m happy to get things going, from there it’s up to you… perhaps more importantly, dancers can do something about all this.
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