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Auditioning for the superstars

two experiences, as presented by the gilded serpent, here.

But in order to survive that first audition one must have an extensive background in Western choreographed dance forms such as jazz, modern or ballet, as well as belly dance.

She told me to take more ballet.

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A Quest for Dancers

ok, i’m going to go ahead and make this official, put it out in public and see what happens….

i’m looking for dancers for a project. it’s a big project. it involves a lot of travel.

so, i’m looking for dancers with several years’ experience in oriental/american tribal/folkloric dance traditions (bellydance in many flavors, flamenco, indian, polynesian and suchlike), who really, really want to perform, really want to share their stuff with new people, aren’t afraid of fusion in dance and music and don’t have too many ties that keep them in one place (family, mortgage, high-powered career track, etc) and are mature enough to handle interpersonal relations for an extended period of time. yeah, that should narrow it down quite a bit :)

the short version: amazing dancers that want to run away with the circus, only it’s not really a circus.

other requirements: must have a grand sense of humor (this is a celebration), and be willing to roll up your sleeves and work hard.
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