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Resuscitate Baltimore Bellydance

Nerissa is good people. Don’t let Bellydance in Baltimore turn into the Music Business in Baltimore.

[Copying this from the email, sorry this took so long to get posted…]

Good Morning Fellow Dancers, It’s official, Baltimore Bellydance is closed (temporarily, we hope!!). We are deeply in the red and need support from the community to stay open!

Please visit to join at the subscriber, teacher or performer level…. We need all the support we can get so forward this to your friends…..

The website and operations will be closed until 9/1 – hopefully we’ll be back with a vengance then… I’m working on a super cool new website (it’s great!) with new pages for teachers, peformers, etc… BUT, if we don’t raise enough money to support the website and newsletter, BBD will close it’s doors…

We LOVE the ideas about shows, etc… but if we don’t raise some cash now — we won’t be around then!

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photo locations

with the spring recital season coming to a close, and the oppressive heat of the mid-atlantic summer seemingly upon us, i’m looking for interesting locations to go play with dancers in a more “natural” (sun-light) environment.

there’s obvious stuff – waterfalls, beaches, monuments and the like, but i’m also interested in things “out there” – factories, abandoned buildings and such.

if you already know of a really great location to go spend some time… or if you have a request for a particular kind of location… or if you’d just like to come along on a scouting trip or two with me… let me know here. let the summer of adventure begin….
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Share your opinions

just a quick request to the performers visiting (and others, but i’m particularly interested in performers right now)….

please drop by the forums and share some thoughts on the local dance venues.

obviously, the emphasis is pretty heavily on restaurants – a while ago i dropped a bunch of places in there to get started, but if you’re a registered user, you can add the ones I’ve missed.

looking forward to your thoughts….

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Baltimore Bellydance needs you

calling baltimore-area dancers, baltimore bellydance needs your help.

i’m doing this for nerissa, and because i can’t in good conscience, commit to a full year working with them… the last thing i want to do is get into something as important as this and then have to abandon it in a few months.

Currently, I am seeking one or two other people to help me run Baltimore Bellydance, both the newsletter and website, for at least the next year or so. There is no pay, this is and always has been a labor of love. If the newsletter breaks even, it’s a good issue. If you are interested and have the time to invest, there are lots of jobs that get done all the time to keep Baltimore Bellydance going.

Design skills are a plus, web skills are a big plus. Love of dance, creatvity & accountability are essential, as is an understanding of working on deadline. The newsletter is produced on a MAC platform in Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. What you’ll get in return — the satisfaction of being part of an organization that helps unite dancers and inform the Balto and DC communities of all that is going on with our art form.

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Rakkasah East 2004 Caravan

For organizing rides needed and seats available to and from Rakkasah East 2004 (October 4 through 10) rooms or couches to share and anything else that comes up. Post comments with anything you need or have available for people attending Rakkasah. Performers from the “dance web region” include (working my way north):
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East Coast Belly Dance Classic Caravan

For organizing rides needed and seats available to and from the East Coast Belly Dance Classic 2004, rooms or couches to share and anything else that comes up. Post comments with anything you need or have available for people attending the Classic. Continue reading

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how do you dance with a dancer?

it’s a question i’ve been meaning to ask, in some form or another – these are generally performances, but sometimes, a fortunate soul is hooked by a veil or a hand and dragged into the spotlight…. and then….?

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finding instructors

inspired by deserts without dancers, and with an ulterior motive in mind (i really needed to do something like this for an entirely different reason), i give you a map that represents the geographic availability of instructors in any middle eastern/oriental dance form that i could find.


on this map, the circles represent about 45-60 minutes of travel (a figure chosen for compatibility with the deserts without dancers effort – depends a lot on the kind of road in your particular direction). also, no precision here – i just eyeballed the cities.

i eventually decided to include the bhuz list of almost 1000 instructors (973 as i write this). there is some duplication within the bhuz list, but in the interest of the broadest possible coverage, i’ve mapped everything i could find quickly. there’s also an issue of out-of-date material, so some of these points may be locations of former-instructors, or former locations of instructors that have moved.

a couple notes: this is just people who claim to be instructors, only a few of these have comments or references from students. the bhuz data set is also full of errors (los angeles, colorado got my attention).

update (2004.03.25): a couple people have asked about the map – this isn’t the same as the deserts without dancers list – what i’ve mapped is “positive space” – the circles represent places where dance instructors do (or did…) exist. christine is making a list of places where instructors need to exist (“negative space”) because someone’s looking (she might correct me on that). anyway, they are complimentary (positive space vs. negative space).

update (2004.03.26): another question came up regarding the instructor map – someone asked about how many instructors were represented. i didn’t keep a list, but what i can do is provide a general idea. the bhuz list was almost 1000 instructors, and i made no effort to map density – once i found an instructor in a city, i dropped a circle there and moved on (this was a quick effort, not a research project! :) ). anyway, if you are interested in density, i’ve included the “hits” from the bhuz list below the cut here for you. no real surprise, california takes the… lead.

update (2004.03.28): this post has been linked from the deserts without dancers page – just a note, the map represents something like 1100 to 1200 instructors – the vast majority come from the bhuz data set, but it also includes instructors i know personally (a dozen or so), and several more-formal lists from around the web.

(just the state density data below…) Continue reading

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deserts without dancers

an effort to reach out to those spaces that don’t have easy access to instructors or a functional “local scene,” the deserts without dancers directory (you’ll have to dig into the site a bit to get there). Continue reading

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