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Regarding Yasmin’s Music Copyright Law Piece in the Gilded Serpent.

I don’t have time to do Yasmin’s article justice; there’s just so much that the best I can hope for is to find someone else to pick up the baton where I leave it. What follows is a brain-dump with … Continue reading

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no dancing at the parthenon?

or so it would seem Continue reading

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belly dance banned in california

ok, just part of california, but… the story from the modesto bee:

Stanislaus County Library patrons can read any of 10 books on belly dancing, from techniques to costumes. They also can check out a DVD on belly dancing as an exercise.

But they can’t attend a belly dancing program at the library anymore.

Stanislaus County Chief Executive Officer Rick Robinson has canceled the program, which was scheduled for April 22.

“The issue is what is appropriate for a library and what is not appropriate,” Robinson said.

Robinson saw the event scheduled on the library calendar and questioned it.

“Does it support some form of educational opportunity, or is it just pure entertainment?” Robinson asked. “I couldn’t answer that to my satisfaction, and I couldn’t answer it to my board.”

i’ve spoken about educational opportunities on occasion… Continue reading

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belly dance banned in the middle east

ok, just part of the middle east, but… the story from the guardian:

“Bellydancing is naked women. This is not Islamic. The Egyptians come here and do it. And there are a lot of Russian bellydancers in Egypt and they come here too,” said Mr Sibbah, 58, an Islamic scholar who joined the cabinet of the Hamas government installed last week.

“People do it indoors, in secret. There’s lots of it,” he said.

“If the phenomenon of bellydancing spreads our people might react against it by killing people. We don’t want our people to become like the Taliban.”

ok, naked women… your turn. Continue reading

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Dancer Arrested Continue reading

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anaheim crackdown

Anaheim cracks down on rowdy hookah cafes

Officials in the Southern California city that is home to Disneyland voted on Tuesday night to impose strict new rules on the operation of hookah cafes which they say cater to a rowdy clientele.

The ordinance barring alcohol, disc jockeys and live entertainment such as belly dancing, and calling for equipment to filter smoke is expected to win final approval on November 8 and would apply to Anaheim’s 11 smoking lounges.

since i’m posting on halloween, i’ll go ahead and posit that this is a huge opening for dead entertainment and a great opportunity for the goth/zombie bellydance contingent…

no word on shutting down live entertainment in disneyland… Continue reading

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samson seeks delilah july 31

official “cut time” is 4:30. I’ll be in the neighborhood (and you’re welcome to drop by) anytime after about 3pm. the salon closes at 5pm, so after being sheared, i figured we’d find a local place in the area to drop in for dinner and hang out for a while.

ok, it’s official. 17th is out, 31st is in… thanks for your opinions

the 17th is getting a lot of complaints about conflicts through the back-channels, and i have a conflict on the 24th, so, if you’ve got some thoughts on the 17th versus the 31st, get in touch…

many of you that know me know that i’ve been putting off the “Grand Cut” since around the end of last year, with great global events (tsunamis, popes, wars, etc) and minor personal events conspiring to ruin the best laid plans and best intentions… now that the spring crunch is [mostly] over, it’s time to get this done.

for those that don’t know, i’m cutting off about 16 inches of hair.

i’m looking for people who will play with me on a sunday toward the middle of july (july 17 would be perfect), and i’m going to bring myself and hopefully a bunch of amazing dancing girls in full dance regalia into adams morgan (washington dc) to take off some hair for locks of love.
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who owns a legacy?

crossing lawyers and intellectual property and family loyalty and public performance gets you some strange beasts. this case comes from al bawaba, deep in the heart of egypt.

Tahiya Karioka’s inheritors threaten Fifi Abdo with lawsuit

Inheritors’ of the late Egyptian belly dancer Tahiya Karioka threatened to file a lawsuit against prominent belly dancer Fifi Abdo if she went on with her project of making a television drama about the late dancer. The late dancer’s nephew Osama Husni Al-Jiddawi threatened Abdo that the heritage of his late aunt belongs to him and his family and no one could use the story without the inheritors’ permission.

Continue reading

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dance photography auction for the women of sudan

i’ll be contributing three pieces to the silient auction at the benefit for the women of sudan on november 14 at casablanca in alexandria.

not only do you get to see more than a dozen of the area’s best dancers come together to in response to one of the greatest human tragedies of modern times, but you could go home with one of these three prints…

from left to right, i present asharah, lotus niraja and lucy, all of whom are not only lending their talent and passion to this benefit, but have allowed me to give a little too.
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leveraging google for rakkasah east

i didn’t have much lead time with this system until now, but rakkasah east is still over a month away, and to that end, i’ll be trying to leverage as much as possible to make this site useful for rakkasah participants and performers. to that end, i’ve added the names of all the rakkasah performers to the rakkasah east 2004 caravan topic, so hopefully people searching for their favorite performer or teacher have a chance to wander in here.

already, that post is prominent in any search for “rakkasah east” – so hopefully this will be a great place for people to coordinate rides/hotels and other interesting things during and around the event.

i’ve also moved the material to the top of the front page, so once people come here, they’ll hopefully participate a little.

let me know if you have any other suggestions… Continue reading

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