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New camera on the way; Thanks

Just a quick note to let those concerned know that there is a replacement camera on the way, and I’ll be jumping on that learning curve as fast as I can around the rest of life. I do want to … Continue reading

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Early retirement?

the rumors will circulate quickly, i’m sure… so let me get a few things out before they do. my camera gear (and cell phone) was stolen this weekend, so i’m effectively out of the photography business (at least as far … Continue reading

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Giving thanks

It’s a bit early to be the thanksgiving season, but I wanted to say a quick thanks (despite the fact that doing so can get me into much trouble) to the dancers of this past weekend – both individually and … Continue reading

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samson seeks delilah july 31

official “cut time” is 4:30. I’ll be in the neighborhood (and you’re welcome to drop by) anytime after about 3pm. the salon closes at 5pm, so after being sheared, i figured we’d find a local place in the area to drop in for dinner and hang out for a while.

ok, it’s official. 17th is out, 31st is in… thanks for your opinions

the 17th is getting a lot of complaints about conflicts through the back-channels, and i have a conflict on the 24th, so, if you’ve got some thoughts on the 17th versus the 31st, get in touch…

many of you that know me know that i’ve been putting off the “Grand Cut” since around the end of last year, with great global events (tsunamis, popes, wars, etc) and minor personal events conspiring to ruin the best laid plans and best intentions… now that the spring crunch is [mostly] over, it’s time to get this done.

for those that don’t know, i’m cutting off about 16 inches of hair.

i’m looking for people who will play with me on a sunday toward the middle of july (july 17 would be perfect), and i’m going to bring myself and hopefully a bunch of amazing dancing girls in full dance regalia into adams morgan (washington dc) to take off some hair for locks of love.
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email is VERY broken

ok, just something to put out here, while i try to track this down. i’ve now found the “email black hole” is affecting multiple accounts (multiple servers, multiple systems, multiple addresses), and still no pattern. i’ve even had one report of mail to a gmail account gone missing – and anecdotal comments about hotmail losing stuff (but i’m not in the hotmail loop). part of the problem is that i don’t know how long this “black hole” situation has been going on, so i don’t know how far back i need to dig into hanging conversations.

oddly enough, some email is coming in delayed – i just saw stuff that was sent several days ago, so there may be some hope for your messages. outbound messages have also apparently been lost, but so far i’ve only been able to find that in one case (could be an individual spam filter.

for now, i’ve turned everything i’ve got down (and oh, boy, the spam flood is on), looking for people that i know.

if you’ve sent me something and you have not heard from me yet, chances are i didn’t see what you sent. try a backup approach. i’m not ignoring you intentionally!
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email is broken

just a quick note to any dancers that have been trying to reach me lately – i’ve tracked down at least two different people who tried to send email recently that didn’t make it to me. no explanations, no pattern – two different people in two different states. so, just to get on the record here, if you haven’t heard from me, it’s not because i’m ignoring you… i probably don’t know you’re waiting.

to compound issues, i’ve had [paper] mail trouble lately (surprise letters from a month ago showing up) and phone trouble. kinda having a general communication breakdown, i suppose.

please try again. don’t give up on me.

update: with the public announcement, there are now four people suffering from email black holes. one is partially resolved (sending again did work) – the rest are still a mystery. Continue reading

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