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question of the month: which came first, dance or language?

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The BDSS bridge building effort and the Mezquita

This has been sticking in my craw for quite a while, and I guess the best way to free myself is to go ahead and dump it out there in public and the next time it comes up, I can skip the discussion and just point. I could be wrong about all of this, but there are just too many pieces that come together for me.

Long, long ago, in a garden far, far away (in Hollywood), Miles Copeland III made the following statement about just how important the Bellydance Superstars really are:

“Bellydance Superstars is the most important dance company in the world today. We are the only ones doing something that has a social import. Given that the most important thing in the world today is the conflict between Muslim world and the United States, anything that creates bridges between those two cultures is incredibly important.”

Since then, he’s played it a bit fast… and I’ve taken issue with that strategy.
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Why do you dance?

We’ve now got quite a few people dropping in here regularly, so I’d like to find out what sort(s) of people are visiting… and what better place to start than the deep, personal motives of the dancers?

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what is dancing?

Dancing: The vertical expression of a horizontal desire legalized by music.

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