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new photos appearing on the web – welcome lucy and samira!

just a quick note to direct your attention to a couple local performers that have graciously chosen some of my work to show off their work….

i direct your attention to lucy, with a website that now sports a great number (24? something like that) of photos that came through my lens…

and samira shuruk, a performer that’s relatively new to our area, and that i encourage you to welcome with great enthusiasm…

thank you to lucy and samira! Continue reading

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Local Dance Associations

Something that came up (indirectly) in a conversation with one of the most generous dancers I know – the value of local dance associations. Within the geographic region that this site focuses on – generally the mid-Atlantic – we have WAMEDA, Baltimore Bellydance, Bellydance New York, Philly Raqs and NC Bellydance.

I’m interested in exploring is what these groups do (or don’t do) for you as dancers. Continue reading

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Photo of Raqs Sahara in the Washington Post

just a little shameless self-promotion…

Raqs Sahara Belly Dancers, Holding Sway, featuring a photo from rakkasah east, 2003.

a quick nod of thanks to rachel, the featured abdomen, and congratulations to the performers last sunday….

Continue reading

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a few new photos

welcome amustela (again), amirah azhar (again) and one of the egyptian sun dancers to the dance section of the photo portfolio! Continue reading

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the new sahara dance studio

there were rumors of this pulsing through my little grapevine for a while now, even as i’ve been sort-of disconnected and out of the loop, but today i got email from the source, so i guess it’s official and i can say something about it…

rachel kay brookmire and the people at sahara dance have been… well, busy, i guess is an understatement. anyway, there’s a new studio in town, and it’s a big deal.

We have very exciting news to share this month: On May 15th Sahara Dance will be opening DC’s only center dedicated to Middle Eastern dance! The center is located in Tenleytown, 2 blocks north of the Tenleytown metro and visible from Wisconsin Avenue. We will offer a full schedule of raqs sharqi, folkloric, tribal classes and drum lessons.

may is a big month for rachel, so congratulations and best wishes for the new studio… Continue reading

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updated dancers portfolio

i’ve just updated the dancers in the performance photography pages.

welcome to martiya possession (asharah, mavi, raven and ya meena), raqs sahara (rachel kay brookmire and company), lotus niraja, antonia, ansuya, zahna sahara and a few others i need to track down stage names for…

thanks to each of you.

comments, of course, are always welcome….

Continue reading

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about the dance calendar

as many of the loyal readers are aware, this system also hosts the regional dance calendar for events throughout virginia, maryland, pennsylvania, delaware, new jersey, west virginia, new york city, and washington dc.

since putting that together (and it is a bit of a hack job, but… always room for improvement), i’ve had several people get in touch and ask me to add events to the calendar, so let me explain some of the motivation for doing this thing…

the general idea behind the dance calendar comes from a frustration with dozens (ok, hundreds) of individual calendars (like this one) on websites that are generally up-to-date, but only represent one or a few dancers… and a few group calendars (like this one) that cover a large number of performers, but get hopelessly out-of-date quickly because one (or a very few) person(s) is (are) responsible for maintaining everything on the list.

to (hopefully) fix this… i’m inviting people i know (and some i know by proxy) to include their events on the dance calendar. the idea is that if there isn’t a single person (for example… me), that has to make all the additions and changes, and if i can coax the computer into keeping the most-relevant stuff at the top (which it does), then the regional calendar can be the best of both worlds – both current and regional.

i don’t want to stay “in the loop” – if i’m not available to make last-minute changes to an event listing, i don’t want that to mean that the changes can’t be made.

if you’ve got events coming up, let me know and i’ll get you set up so you can add (and update!) those events. the more people we have spending a few minutes on this, the better it is for everyone.

update: trying a new approach to the calendar (more recurring-event friendly, and it looks like a calendar rather than a list). you can play with that version here: new dance calendar. Continue reading

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photo locations

There must be a slight smell of spring in the air – I’ll be doing a few fairly short roadtrips in the next few weeks and while I’m out, I’ll be looking for interesting places to shoot dancers.

If you [dancers] have any special requests, or great ideas, or tips on secret hidden waterfalls, let me know… I’ll probably try to organize a few photo-excursions once it’s a bit warmer. Continue reading

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now hosting dancers

i’ve noticed that many dancers are hosting on “free” services with piles of ads and really ugly stuff going on. i’ve got a bit of space here and plenty of bandwidth available that i’m not using, so i’ve decided to make my space available for you. this isn’t a lot, and there are some pretty significant limits to what i can do, but i hope this gives some of you a chance to get a “cleaner, more professional” calling card out there on the web.

if you’re a dancer, and i know you, and you just want a simple one-to-a-few-page website that you don’t intend to update very often, i’ll host you in my space without the popups and funky hosting scripts and other garbage that “free hosting” usually involves.

it’s not practical for me to open access on this server to a bunch of new people, so i’ll have to upload and update your pages. this means if i’m not available for a few days, no updates will get done – this is the price of free – it also means it’s not really well-suited if you have a calendar you need to keep up-to-date. i also don’t really want to get too involved in web design on your behalf (but i can recommend some great people), so what goes into your space is up to you….

if you need something a bit more elaborate (lots of updates or lots of pages), i know a small, local hosting and web design place run by a couple genuinely good people – if that’s something you need, let me know and i’ll put you in touch. i think they’re charging about $10/month for hosting (plus design) right now.

of course, if you’ve already got an amazing web presence, just ignore everything you just read :) Continue reading

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dance photos to share

i thought a little self-aggrandizement was in order…

you can see original performance photography in two new places….

Dianna, Duchess of Dance and People’s Choice Winner in the 2003 East Coast Belly Dance Classic competition.


Raqs Sahara, the professional performance troupe under the direction of Rachel Kay Brookmire.

Dianna and Rachel are both amazing performers and gracious people. go see them. Continue reading

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