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Losing it, in part

The dancer slows her frantic pace In pain and desperation, Her aching limbs and downcast face Aglow with perspiration Stiff as wire, her lungs on fire, With just the briefest pause — The flooding through her memory, The echoes of … Continue reading

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Regarding Yasmin’s Music Copyright Law Piece in the Gilded Serpent.

I don’t have time to do Yasmin’s article justice; there’s just so much that the best I can hope for is to find someone else to pick up the baton where I leave it. What follows is a brain-dump with … Continue reading

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New camera on the way; Thanks

Just a quick note to let those concerned know that there is a replacement camera on the way, and I’ll be jumping on that learning curve as fast as I can around the rest of life. I do want to … Continue reading

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Early retirement?

the rumors will circulate quickly, i’m sure… so let me get a few things out before they do. my camera gear (and cell phone) was stolen this weekend, so i’m effectively out of the photography business (at least as far … Continue reading

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An appeal

with the new year, i’ve done some reflecting, and i’ve come to some unpleasant conclusions…. so i’m going to make an oblique, broad request to the dance “community.” stop finding reasons and excuses not to do something, and do something. … Continue reading

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Thanks to Shadiyah

… a little late coming (and not just because thanks gets people in trouble….), but I wanted to recognize Shadiyah‘s efforts to populate the dance calendar. She’s put a lot of time into making that a useful and up-to-date feature … Continue reading

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Giving thanks

It’s a bit early to be the thanksgiving season, but I wanted to say a quick thanks (despite the fact that doing so can get me into much trouble) to the dancers of this past weekend – both individually and … Continue reading

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extracted from – on the city paper “dissing” belly dance

because this was not easy to find, i’m copying my 2.5-cents over here into my own space, with a link to the original thread. in light of recent events, i am probably too thankful, but in the interest of integrity, … Continue reading

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teaching physics with dance

Ok, so it’s pole-dancing, but… Popular Science has a piece called “Flight of the Pole Dancer” that explains an unfortunate dancing incident in terms of Newton’s First Law.  Come and get your physics while it’s hot…

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four superheroes

i’ve been sitting on this far, far too long, because i had plans. as with most plans, things change. so, because this is important on its own, i present, ak comics. four superheroes create a new vision for the middle … Continue reading

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