Basic Production for Belly Dance now for sale!

You can purchase your copy here and visit the website for more information.

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Tempest and Sashi in DC

don’t delay… dark things happening in the district a month before halloween… with several of my favorite local dancers performing in the evening. get tickets here.

October 1st

Workshop, ~11am:
Dance Place
3225 8th Street NE
Washington, DC 20017
Performance, 7pm:
The Jack Guidone Theater at Joy of Motion Dance Center
5207 Wisconsin Ave., N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20015

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Basic Production for Belly Dance site launches today

… for your browsing enjoyment (not much to see yet…), here

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Specific calendar instructions

a step-by-step walkthrough on how to add material to the community dance calendar hosted on this site:

1) If you don’t already have one, get an account with Google.

1a) Go to

1b) Click on “sign in”

1c) Click on “create account now”

1d) Fill in the form

2) Tell me the email address you used to create the account, send it to danceblog|(a)|, and let me know that you’d like your events added to the community calendar.

3) Log in with your Google account, go to

4) Go to

5) Click on “Add Event”

6) Fill in the information for your event, make your event “Public,” and invite “Dance Blog” as a guest to your event.

That’s it. What you do with your own calendar is up to you, but your events should now show up on this calendar.

If you’ve already got events on your Google calendar, and you haven’t added “Dance Blog” as a guest, you can go back and do that anytime.  If I’ve approved you for posting to the community calendar, they’ll automagically show up here as soon as you do.

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new calendar – google-based

after doing some tests overnight, the new google-based calendar is now available.

this allows some great features, including good support for recurring events, but the trick is that you will need an account with google (gmail will do) in order to publish your events. once you have one, you need to get in touch with me so i can give you permission to add things to the community calendar. after that, just invite the “dance blog” to any event you add to your own calendar and those events should automagically show up here.

another advantage to this approach is that you can use your own google-calendar on your own site, and you get to decide which events are published there (and here).

so, jump in, the water’s fine…

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major transition

if you can read this, you probably noticed there’s a major transition underway here at the dance web…

as part of my overall short-term need to simplify and consolidate a number of things, i’ve concluded that drupal, while a great platform to work with (on some levels, anyway…) is entirely too much to manage for the way the dance web gets used around here. so, we’re back to a basic blog format. so, this is much, much simpler (on me, anyway).

there were several other people that did actively participate in the dance web, and i don’t want to make this an exclusive “roj-only” space. so, if you’d like to contribute your thoughts and writing here (and i know and trust you… :) ), just send me a message and i’ll get you set up. really, you’re very much invited.

in the meantime, the calendar will vanish temporarily (hopefully back soon, better than ever), and we’re losing the aggregator, polls and a few other features.

finally, i’m going to pick a generic wordpress theme for now, but i also want to invite any theme-builders to strut there stuff here. i just know i won’t get around to it anytime soon, so if you’ve got a great idea for a great look for the dance web, lay it on me…

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In the Dancer’s Studio launches today

Stop by and say hi…

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matt dances around the world, 2006

matt‘s been dancing, again.

you can see some of that here:

(or, in various other places his clips have appeared).

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scaling the bellysphere

one thing i’ve talked about with dancers, innumerable times, is the scale of the BellySphere. somehow, it just doesn’t quite click for some people, so today i’m going graphic to represent this perspective (and hopefully, you’ll see this graphic elsewhere in the near future). for now, i had to do this for my own purposes, and so i’m going to share it with you here.

this quick analysis is based on the following assumptions, which, i think, are quite generous (you may disagree):

i did a quick survey of “middle eastern dance teachers” in the united states and came up with just about 850 of them. for purposes of being generous with the bellysphere (and easy math), i’m going to round that up to 1000.

each teacher, of course, has a set of students. also for the sake of easy math, i’m going to assume that the average teacher has 49 students, which, i think, is on the high side. that gives us a ratio of 50 dancers to each teacher (counting, of course, the teacher). 50,000 dancers.

further, i’m going to assume that each dancer has 3 friends and/or family that are hard core enough to play along in this adventure of belly dance, without actually being dancers themselves. 150,000 supporters.

putting all this simple math together, we get 200,000 bellyspheroids, consisting of 50,000 belly dancers and 150,000 belly supporters (in the united states).

now, to put that in perspective:

this grid consists of 6000 squares, each of which represents approximately 50,000 people in a total united states population of 300 million.

this is the bellysphere. in the united states. approximately.

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question of the month: which came first, dance or language?

your thoughts?

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