About the Belly dance Color Widget

Generally speaking....

The 85-by-85-pixel icon should fit well with other applications (such as livejournal and my own community dance site), but this does limit your name as displayed to about 14 characters.

Colors are determined with a simple red-green-blue mix based on where you leave the sliders when you hit the button. There are 101 levels of each color, meaning you will end up with one of about a million specific colors. More importantly humans are good at processing similar colors, so you don't have to get totally precise. Colors that are visually similar indicate dancers that have similar preferences

The eight belly dancer-color archetypes, for your reference:
Private, earthy, experimental - Black
Private, earthy, traditional - Green
Private, glittery, experimental - Red
Private, glittery, traditional - Yellow
Public, earthy, experimental - Blue
Public, earthy, traditional - Cyan
Public, glittery, experimental - Magenta
Public, glittery, traditional - White

So, what's the point? No point really, it's mostly for fun, but.... wait! there's more! This thing could even be a useful widget

If you're looking for a particular kind of dancer (say.... a public, earthy, experimental dancer) to build a new troupe, then you can look for dancers displaying the right color (say... something blue-ish). This isn't going to narrow it down very far, but it's supposed to at least get you in the right "family." You'll still have to fight over the precise definitions of "classical egyptian cabaret" - but at least you'll be fighting with other white-ish dancers :)

quotes about the widget from the widget's adoring fans! "the widget is psychic!" "Yeah, I have nothing else better to do right now..." "Ok. Odd. But of course, I did it too."