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Sunday, September 28, 2003

a clue on the communications barrier

so, perhaps i got a clue to this communications problem that’s been frustrating me of late.

the clue is: unspoken agendas.

this does echo all the way back to my original post here, and it does, of course have to do with language.

you see, in the latest example it seems i tossed the wrong word into the mix (that word was “micropayments”), and that triggered an unknown (and as far as i know unspoken) agenda. ultimately, that agenda trumped my agenda.

i was trying to dismiss the whole micropayments thing as “common to all approaches at this level, and so safely ignored” and it ran face-first into “the word micropayments must be ridiculed out of existence.” now, both of these agendas basically dismiss the subject, and they’re closer to each other than they realized (at the time), but the worm had turned, and it wasn’t a turn i was interested in, so i just wandered back to my thinking chair and let the conversation proceed without me.

so, now, thanks to kevin, i have a clue. i still don’t know what to do with it.

posted by roj at 2:55 am