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Thursday, September 25, 2003

a little humility goes a long way

i’ve been waiting for a good link into lisa rein (because there are just so many common threads here), and today i found one. in keeping with the tools and results post of some weeks ago, again, it’s all in the approach.

the riaa made a mistake. usually, in civil interaction, when you make a mistake, it’s a good idea to apologize. a little. especially if everyone is watching you and it’s a really big mistake.

obviously, a little story in a little newspaper like the new york times isn’t the whole story here, but… y’know. it’s just an opinion of mine. humility is a good thing. self-deprecation is a good thing too. and apologizing when you bag the wrong ferocious criminal is always a good thing. joi puts it well:

Being sued isn’t like, “oh sorry… wrong number..”

maybe it’s a cultural thing?

just, please, when you apologize, try to be a little more sincere than “my bad.”

since the riaa [apparently] isn’t going to do it, i will.

mrs. ward, i am very sorry that the recording industry association of america incorrectly identified you as a career criminal and music thief. i’m sorry you had to deal with lawyers and paperwork. i’m sorry you had to deal with media and rap music (but only because you don’t seem to like it 🙂 ). and i do hope that the recording industry association of america will make every effort to learn from this mistake and implement changes to prevent this from happening again.

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