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Friday, October 3, 2003

further defining the top of the curve

today, i was inspired to put together a little chart to help further define the “top of the power curve” in the business of music. note that this is “just one chart” – but it’s the pop singles chart for the united states, and purports to represent sales and airplay.


(click for larger version)

i think this largely speaks for itself, but i do want to spell out a few points…

a total of 8 performers hit #1 on this chart during 2002

one of them (nelly) had two different (and back-to-back) #1 singles.

one of them (kelly clarkson) had a song debut at #1.

no real point to make with this, but the data was available, so i thought i’d give everyone some common reference points….

posted by roj at 10:42 am