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Thursday, November 20, 2003

Katherine Pecore and Stephanie Haaser

this was just a little blip of local news, and really barely got my attention, but i should’ve paid more attention. now, i’m going to do more.

a couple weeks ago, two local high school students, katherine pecore and stephanie haaser, performed a “nonconformist act,” as part of an exploration of ralph waldo emerson and henry david thoreau in their english class.

they kissed. in public.

they got suspended. and, of course, the suspension is on their “permanent record” and will probably preclude their admission to certain academic groups and societies (one article mentions national honor society). anyway, they’re paying a price for this, and i want to take a small stand, go on my own sort of “permanent record” and celebrate them just a little.

you go girls.

last week this story was picked up by cnn, and it’s starting to get some coverage around the rest of the world. you can read more here (ap via abc), here (baltimore sun), here (washington blade), here (new york post), here (washington post editorial).

most of these stories have some emphasis on the fact that these are two, straight, female, good students. i don’t think any of that is really all that important. these are two students who really understood and embraced the idea of doing something, however small, as individuals. they are welcome to sit at my table any day.

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