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Saturday, November 1, 2003

music – it’s a matter of taste

phil ringnalda has a vision of the music industry. it’s a nice vision and it’s attracted some interesting comments. today i’m going to use this as a hook to introduce yet another music business metaphor, and probably my personal favorite – one that’s been with me for a very long time…

there is no reason the “two systems” can’t coexist. just like there’s no reason mcdonalds and la ferme can’t coexist. mcdonalds may serve a million hamburgers in the time it takes me to type this… and philippe maigrot may not finish creating a salad. but they both stay in business and they both have a market. even better, those markets don’t overlap a whole lot, so la ferme isn’t likely to “siphon off” the critical 899,472th mcdonald’s customer.

as with food, music is a matter of taste. value is created where the sound hits your ears, or where the food hits your tongue, but it’s more than just sound or taste. it’s the environment. it’s the company (as in people you’re with). it’s the whole experience.

it’s all about the experience.

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