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Saturday, November 1, 2003

taking a hint from chuck d

i’d never imagine i have a lot in common with “the messenger of prophecy – lyrical terrorist – the hard rhymer – the architect” chuck d, but then again, my imagination is often confounded by reality.

Really, the R.I.A.A can get the d-ck. Lawsuits against 12 year old kids for downloading music. I wish they would even try some B.S. like that on my kids. Those scare tactics are pure gestapo… duping a mother into paying a $2000.00 settlement for her kid. JACK VALENTI can get it too. Don’t these idiots have something else to do? Aren’t there bigger and more pressing issues regarding Americans? I’d like to drag them by their eyebrows in the hood. Lawsuits for downloading… ‘whatever the f-ck everrrrr’…

i’ve been beating this drum a lot lately, but lawyers make exceptionally bad policymakers. somehow, in the rarified air of the executive suite, this makes sense. to me, it looks like they’re eating their own young.

anyone is ready warm up the school bus and bring a few “music business executives” back to the street for a day? i’m up for the fieldtrip. i’ll be there. i could use the perspective.

oh, and if i ever find myself in a book-buying mode again, i have to take a tip from chuck and add greg tate to my list.

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