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Friday, December 5, 2003

ethical archetypes

some time ago, kevin marks stuck a little gem in the back of my brain about ethical archetypes. this comes from jane jacobs, and defines the “commercial” and “guardian” archetypes.

some time later, kevin followed up on a tip from crw about a third archetype described by chris phoenix. in addition to the guardian and commercial archetypes, chris adds an “information” archetype.

with these three archetypes firmly embedded in the back of my fully-associative memory, i dared to wander about the internet, and i came upon a bit of light that caught my attention.

all very interesting stuff, but i didn’t have a lot to contribute until i read the bubble of american supremacy by george soros. now i will add my breadcrumb to the trail. i hope it leads you somewhere.

A recent Council on Foreign Relations publication sketches out three alternative national-security strategies. The first calls for the pursuit of American supremacy through the Bush doctrine of pre-emptive military action. It is advocated by neoconservatives. The second seeks the continuation of our earlier policy of deterrence and containment. It is advocated by Colin Powell and other moderates, who may be associated with either political party. The third would have the United States lead a cooperative effort to improve the world by engaging in preventive actions of a constructive character. It is not advocated by any group of significance, although President Bush pays lip service to it. That is the policy I stand for.

i think i hit all the steps along my path to discovery… a quick nod to everyone who left me breadcrumbs to follow.

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