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Saturday, December 20, 2003

npr looks at the death of the album

something we’ve talked about here a couple times was the topic of a segment on npr’s all things considered program this past friday. see “the death of the ‘concept’ album.” a few choice quotes from people interviewed in the segment…

tim quirk, rhapsody

i think even if you just look over the last couple of years there’s arguably more artists making… that are album-based rock music at least than there has been in a long, long time whether that’s the flaming lips or radiohead or wilco…

todd rundgren [flash required]

before there were ever recordings, it seemed like serious composers always gravitated toward the long form. towards doing symphonic works as opposed to 3-minute minuets all the time.

perry farrell [also flash]

i haven’t thought in terms of an album for probably a decade. i’d rather be making singles.

record companies have gotten to be such hacks that they have made the idea of doing a full record almost impossible for an artist. it’s disheartening what little respect they have for people that have concepts of albums.

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