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Wednesday, December 31, 2003

the mini ipod analysts speak up

the guys at have a piece on the mini-ipod rumors now. they give a $121 million revenue figure for the ipod line (which you may contrast to the purely hypothetical music store revenue of somewhere around $20 million).

“I donít think Apple currently needs to sell a $100 iPod at risk of cannibalizing sales of existing models and sacrificing gross margins, ” said Tim Deal, analyst with Technology Business Research in Hampton, N.H. “Apple already has the market lead, so I don’t see the need for (the $100 version) when people are buying $299 and $399 models.”

put on your own analyst hat and decide if “up 9 percent from the prior quarter and 128 percent from a year ago” doesn’t suggest that all the musigeeks that want 10,000+ song ipods are already geared up, and it’s time to expand the market to the rest of the people… anyway, my cards are already on the table.

an ipod in every pocket in 2004!

(discussion at ars-technica).

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