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Thursday, January 1, 2004

Commercial Applications License Terms v2

You are a guest on this server. I fund the operation and maintenance of this website, weblog and domain. I welcome, without obligation, comments and thoughts that are intelligible, relevant, and written by humans in response to posts or existing comments on this site.

On the other hand material posted here that is not relevant to the referenced post or existing comments, incoherent, automated, that is copied to several other servers and that includes links or other references to websites that offer products or services for sale are subject to this contract:

By pressing the “Post” button on any comment form on this site or by invoking any mechanism that causes a comment or trackback to appear on this server, you accept this contract with these binding terms:

1. Your commercial material will be reviewed for a $150 reading fee per comment or trackback.
2. You agree to be subject to the laws of Maryland, United States of America for the purpose of enforcing this contract.
3. You agree to pay any and all costs, including, but not limited to, court and attorney fees, incurred in enforcing this contract.
4. You agree to pay your obligation under this contract within 15 days by forwarding a check, payable in US funds to:
Roger Wood Reading Fees
PO Box 5534
Laurel MD, 20726 USA
5. You agree to accept all costs associated with closing your obligation under this contract, including any researchers, investigators and collections agents hired by me.
6. You agree that the operator of the source computer and any commercial enterprises mentioned in or linked from the posted material will be held jointly responsible for all obligations of this contract.
7. You agree to waive any rights or expectations of privacy regarding the source computer, its operator(s) and any persons or commercial entities mentioned in or linked from the posted material, including correspondence in any medium.
8. Acceptance of this contract and payment of obligations under this contract does not, in any way, guarantee that your material will be visible to the public. All material on this blog is present at my sole discretion.

Creative Commons License
This license is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

(If you have suggestions for improving this license, please let me know. If you wish to comment on this license, you may do so here)

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