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Thursday, January 15, 2004

music promotion model – aphex twin

stumbling through boing boing, we find an alternative to the 97 radio music promotion model.

maybe you don’t need airplay, just leave your stuff behind….

The release of Drukqs two years ago was prompted by a mistake. James left an MP3 player on a plane that held a mind-boggling 282 new tracks. It was labelled “Aphex Twin Unreleased Tracks” to make any would-be bootleggers quite sure that what they might post on to the internet was the real deal. This never happened, but James hurriedly put together a double CD just in case.

ok, this isn’t quite how it was intended, but… i thought it was an interesting, if accidental, approach to promotion. it does meet the requirement that you make your music available for free somewhere…

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