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Thursday, February 26, 2004

daniel ellsburg on katherine gun

daniel ellsburg on npr’s morning edition

i remember former senator wayne morris telling me in 1971 that if i’d given him the relevant documents from my safe at the pentagon in 1964, the tonkin gulf resolution would never have made it out of committee, and if it had been brought to a vote, it never would have passed. that’s a heavy burden to bear.

i admire katherine gun for recognizing what she should do sooner than i did. she did all that she could, at personal risk, to save lives.

i would also like to say to all those with access to documents that may shed light on official deceptions: don’t do as i did. don’t wait until thousands have died to tell the public and congress the truth they need. the personal risks are real, but a war’s worth of lives may be at stake.

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