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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

wsj picks up on that attention thing

o surprise, one of our favorite wall-street-journal-reading, market-strategizing, philosophizing, take-it-back-to-new-york freaky money geeks picked up on it and gave me something to link to.

here, we’ve done a whole series of things on the attention market (you can ignore those things about google).

bringing the vast research resources of the journal to bear, they cooked up a nice chart of things that demand our time these days. it’s worth a peek.

where i don’t necessarily agree is here:

This shift from passive to active consumption works against tightly scripted radio playlists. Yet another tastemaker — radio — is in the process of being marginalized.

barry’s a smart guy, but i think there’s some evidence that it’s not an active-vs-passive shift; it’s a stop-annoying-me-because-i-have-options shift.

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