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Monday, April 12, 2004

christie key needs to buy a clue

this goes under business, since it’s the same level of ethics that brought us all the grand business scandals of recent years.

this broke at the missourian and in the columbia daily tribune. later reported by the associated press and picked up around the world.

christie key, the blood drive coordinator for the gamma phi beta sorority at the university of missouri sent an email to some 170 people…

christie key

I dont care if you got a tattoo last week LIE. I dont care if you have a cold. Suck it up. We all do. LIE. Recent peircings? LIE.

christie key

We’re not messing around. Punishment for not giving blood is going to be quite severe.

aside from the fact that this means the american red cross now has to do damage-control because people are concerned about the safety of the blood supply, this would seem to violate the university’s statement of values.

i’m sure it was worth winning. i hope guinness puts a stopper on this record-attempt. i probably can’t afford the kind of money it would take to buy christie a clue, so i guess we just have to hope that a title like ceo or president isn’t in her future.

will there be consequences?

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