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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

david bowie gets it

david bowie, quoted in the times

Mash ups were a great appropriation idea just waiting to happen. I first heard of them when 2 many dj’s put out their album a year or so ago and have been following the evolution avidly ever since. Being a hybrid-maker off and on over the years, I’m very comfortable with the idea and have been the subject of quite a few pretty good mash-ups myself.

Visconti and I had an unintentionally Luddite fantasy in the seventies revolving around a plan to write songs in the style of several different artists, The Doors or Mark Bolan etc., and then record some backing tracks in the style of, say Hendrix or the Stones and then I would record the vocal tracks imitating Cliff, Lennon or the Supremes even (with slightly speeded up tape). Shame we never got on with it but you know how those rainy Tuesday afternoon brainstorms go. Nowhere, generally.

it’s been going on for a while now, but if you haven’t been sucked in yet, the contest is here.

too many lawyers in the pot (just try to read the rules for the contest), but bowie can afford them, i guess.

embrace the future, there’s a rich culture to work with, if only you have permission.

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