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Friday, April 23, 2004

the new york times runs an old sat image

ok, this is just irresistable…. i’ve been poking around for satellite images of the north korean explosion site since it happened, and i’m a bit surprised that none are available… at least no good ones. anyway, that means i’ve seen a few images of the area lately. and then i saw one again….

but more surprising is that the new york times is running a year-old image with a big black spot near a rail yard and not disclosing that it’s a year old. i can only assume they picked this nice, black scorched-looking spot because it’s the only thing in the image that looks… blown up. sorta. only it’s not. it was like that a year ago.

the new york times front page, with the caption on the popup version of the image “Estimates of the death toll in a huge train blast at a North Korean railroad station varied today from 50 to several hundred, with thousands injured.” the popup version of this image is 217k:


the original image from digital globe is dated may 13, 2003. this version has been scaled down, rotated and the area of interest highlighted, but the original is here. (warning: that’s a 4-meg image). the popup version of this image is 470k:


wow. so the meta-roj blog busts the new york times? amazing.

[thanks to straup and wiredfool for the lead]

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