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Thursday, May 20, 2004

file sharing killed the dead

i suppose i should get back to my business-of-music rants a little more, now that some things in this world have resolved…. and to kick that off, i’d like to pick up on one of those painful success stories that doesn’t get enough attention. after all, here at the meta-roj blog, we’re very often about sharing things that don’t get enough attention.

the dead will be appearing in virginia in a couple months – and if this is any indication, ticket sales are not too shabby. front-row center stage tickets to this show are $600, and everything listed on the page is $100 or more.

but how can this be? the internet archive has a pretty sizable chunk of the whole dead history available for free (1300+ shows), so who would spend $600 for a seat?

file sharing in the extreme, that. you don’t even have to worry about the riaa knocking down your door.

apparently, neither death nor giving it away can kill the dead. i guess that makes the title of this post a bit ironic.

posted by roj at 8:53 pm