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Monday, May 17, 2004

haaser-pecore 51 years ago: catherine peters wagner

in my area, we had a scandal about a lesbian kiss; and as that news buzzed around the planet, the threat of being left out of the national honor society came up.

such thing are nothing new in the progress of society, and for whatever reason, the ap wire has picked up on a 51-year old situation that bears some similarities. i introduce you to catherine peters wagner…

Wagner said she was reprimanded after being caught giving a quick kiss to a boyfriend as they passed in a school stairwell during their senior year. She suspects that is why her name was left off a list of new honor society members posted a short time later.

this honor society potentiate went on to marry the guy she kissed, and they’re still together after 48 years. i don’t think we can expect the same thing from stephanie and katherine, but maybe if they run off to massachusetts

congratulations, catherine peters wagner. sorry it took so long.

[more from the cleveland plain dealer and even carried on the other side of the planet in the pakistan daily times]

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