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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

no harry potter for charity ballet students

children studying ballet (some, reportedly as young as 3 years old) in worthington have been denied permission to perform a 10-minute derivative segment work based on harry potter. apparently all movie and theatrical production rights for harry are under the warner brothers legal umbrella through 2007, so it’s simply impossible to get the rights to perform the dance.

neil blair, spokesperson for christopher little, agent of jk rawling, in dance: no potter pas [new york times]

It is simply not possible for us to pick and choose however worthy the cause, which in this particular case was clearly most worthy.

the performance, which will benefit the great ormond street hospital and the cleft lip and palate association. the news is running around the world on the ap wire and getting picked up in lots of interesting places, but one thing that the wire story doesn’t include is something you can do about it. to donate to the hospital, maybe in harry’s name.

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