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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

prisoner 200144, saddam saleh “i am not a savage”

one of the former prisoners in abu ghraib, and one of those “featured” in the photos that escaped into the public eye, saddam saleh was recently interviewed [windows or real media only] for npr.

saddam saleh will try to attend the court martial of united states army specialist jeremy sivits and the others that are brought to answer for their roles in this disaster.

… i just can’t imagine myself responsible for a family. i lost my honor, my dignity. i lost everything.


maybe the man who tortured me is a father… and the woman who tortured me… a mother. so i don’t want to see them hanged or harmed. i am not a savage.

maybe it takes an iraqi truck driver and draft dodger to show us americans our own american values. thank you, saddam saleh.

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