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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

siva mourns the musigeeks

I was shocked to find that this town had no independent record stores any more. The last closed some weeks ago. The only way to get a CD was to drive out to the Interstate and visit Wal-Mart or Borders.

the experience does matter… and this saddens me as well. i just wrote about irate, which is one alternative to the discovery problem, but nothing beats a good, pointless, debate about the merits of this-band or that-band. it’s a matter of taste, and nobody’s going to win these debates, but they are part of being engaged in the music. they’re part of building those life-long relationships with the performers. no “thumbs-up/thumbs-down click” or browsing-through-reviews will ever achieve the depth and passion of someone who’s life is, literally, soaking in music.

sux, man.

i think it’s worth noting that the thing that’s dying off here is the musigeek, not the cd.

So I bought both albums from I-Tunes and burned them onto blank CDs.

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